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Meet Our Founder


Female art director Kamilla Biverstedt is a Swedish female entrepreneur who back in 2017 embarked on a journey that has change her life and purpose entirely. She sought out to combine her love for Red Carpet events, luxury travel and fashion and so through this an idea was born. A self-taught designer whose passion is driven and inspired by luxury print design, beautiful fabrics, and sexy outlandish silhouettes. Kamilla has purposely gone out to create a brand style that is not for the faint hearted or the shy ones! But created for those who want to own the room. Naturally being a confident empowering woman herself she believes in empowering others through the beauty design.

“Fashion has not only empowered me to be the strong women I am today, but it is the matter that drives me to excel”.

Kamilla believes we all have a role to play in this world, and hers is creating pieces that help everyone feel good in what they are wearing.

Who are we:

FOUR years on from our inception we have seen many big changes in the world, but some things remain, the need and want to still look good.

Early on in our journey we started out with a brand that catered to men’s and womenswear clothing. From swimwear to our high obtained leather jackets that saw the likes of Jason Darulo, Little Kim, John Lundvik, Swedish mega star Carola and many others wear our pieces. As successful as that start was, we evolved the brand into what it is now. We have our leather and custom-made Red-Carpet portion of the brand called ‟Kamilla Belmont Gold label” accessible by appointments only leaving us to focus on the core spine of the brand, our Swim and Resort wear.

The foundation of our brand lies in our unique textile designs. Our driven desire is to create upscale and cosmopolitan quality clothing through premium, natural textiles, one-of-a-kind prints, and minimalist-chic designs. We believe in creating beautifully crafted and luxury clothing that transcends the beach and resort wear. At KB we believe it’s time to forget what the conventional swim & resort wear is, start dressing up and have fun whilst doing it.

KB is the perfect brand to add to your summer and vacation wardrobes.


Our Design Vision

Our collections are full of pieces that are visually stunning and highly wearable, infused with luxury fabrics and highend detailing.

Our designs are for the lovers of fashion, culture and travel. For the it-girls and boys who are effortlessly stylish, the trendsetters and the men and women who are dripping in confidence and attitude.

Kamilla Belmont is designed to make you feel and look like “a million dollars”. With every piece in our collections, you can be sure to walk into a room and have all eyes on you. If no one knows who you are entering a room, they sure will know who you are walking out!


Our Mission


We believe that power of fashion is important to help people feel good and build confidence. Our mission is to develop and scale purpose-driven fashion pieces that will have a truly positive impact on you.

We aim to give you products that will STRENTHEN your look, create apparel that EMPOWER you to feel great in your skin & body and supply you with as many looks that will INSPIRE you for any occasion.


Kamilla Belmont is a style of fashion that is not for the faint hearted or the shy ones! It’s for the ones that want to own the room.

01 She is a lady that in this 21st Century stands for “Power”. In everyway she epitomize what it means to be a lady with class and elegance but also does it in a way that you can tell she is not to be messed with. Call it lingerie for the poolside, swimwear for the bedroom, a provocative number for special women or simply outfits that look and feel incredible she can do it all.
02 He’s a man that likes to leave his mark. From every thread of fabric on his cloths he stands alone, with every print and every sparkling detailed piece he shows every man what good, class, edgy and funky looks like. He’s the man that was raised with the “all things are possible” attitude. He is humble but knows he was put on this earth to dominate. He is strength, he is power he is the one they all look at.