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Ever since I was little like most young girl’s I have been fascinated about dressing up and looking like I was always going somewhere important.


In my early teen years, I experimented with my creativity when it came to putting on dresses and quickly became used to being the “bell of the ball” in outfits that shouted out confidence, elegance, class but most of all style.

My background was very simple, only child from a working class parent household so see I wasn’t from a wealthy background but you wouldn’t know that by the way I dressed.

I don’t have a fashion background or degree. I literally started from an idea, a clear vision of what I wanted and knew from that day on I was going to devote the rest of my life to this and knowing that one day my brand will be exactly where I want it to be. 

My Philosphy

Not everyone can be a Princess, Queen, Prince or a King but we all can experience and have the luxury of having that feeling.

Kamilla Belmont is designed to make you feel and look like “a million dollars”. With every piece in our collection you can be sure to walk into a room and have all eyes on you. If no one knows who you are entering a room, they sure will know who you are walking out!


My passion

I have passion for fashion is the usual cliché . I am a woman bread by fashion. Fashion has not only empowered me to be the strong woman I am today but it is the only matter that drives me to excel. From as young as I can remember, I was always doing something creative. As I got older, I obtained a deeper interest in creativity so much so that now in the present day fashion is my biggest muse in life.

I’m inspired by beautiful fabrics and how they sit on the body. When I see a fabric, from the texture and look, I can create ideas in my head, make amendments if necessary, and a new design is born!

Fashion does not just exist, it lives. How you dress can interpret in so many ways. My Passion is not just to create but to create with a purpose in mind. I want every piece to convey for me what I feel fashion and style is.

My designs come to life with the notion of “living by no rules and looking good whilst doing it”. Simplicity is great but you can never have too much of over the top too. When conveying my passion and vison into fabrics I want my designs to stand for- simplicity with an over the top edge.


My dream

My dream is that in any of the pieces you will feel a way that gives you the confidence that allows you to be happy in your own skin and be confident in who you are because you are great, you are wonderful and don’t need a title to feel important. You just need the outfit to suggest you are!


Kamilla Belmont is a style of fashion that is not for the faint hearted or the shy ones! It’s for the ones that want to own the room.

01 She is a lady that in this 21st Century stands for “Power”. In everyway she epitomize what it means to be a lady with class and elegance but also does it in a way that you can tell she is not to be messed with. Call it lingerie for the poolside, swimwear for the bedroom, a provocative number for special women or simply outfits that look and feel incredible she can do it all.
02 He’s a man that likes to leave his mark. From every thread of fabric on his cloths he stands alone, with every print and every sparkling detailed piece he shows every man what good, class, edgy and funky looks like. He’s the man that was raised with the “all things are possible” attitude. He is humble but knows he was put on this earth to dominate. He is strength, he is power he is the one they all look at.