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Belmont Care


The kaftans are handmade in Silk or Chiffon. We recommend that you spot dry clean only or gently wash it by hand with cold water. All the beading is made by hand so be delicate when washing.


All the bikinis and swimsuits are made of 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex, hand wash only with cold water is recommended. Custom jewellery on our bikinis are metal based and under sun exposure can heat up, it is your responsibility as a customer to ensure there is no prolonged sun exposure to avoid any damage to the accessory or skin. After using the swimwear in salt water and pools with chlorine, make sure to rinse the swimwear well so the jewelry won’t be damaged. Swimwear are made to be used in the sun, but strong sun exposure will bleach the fabric.

Any manufacturing faults must be reported within 3 days after receiving to arrange a return, refund or exchange.

Women’s Size Guide - Swimwear


Mens ’s Size Guide 

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Dinner Shorts

Galaxy Collection

All the jackets and dresses in the Galaxy Collection is handmade with love and care. All the details and studs have been selected and then placed by hand. If you get any stains, we recommend that you use spot dry cleaning.


Steaming is recommended, hanging your garment in an airy place or use an iron on a low silk-friendly setting. Do not place heated iron over the beading/embellishments. All embellished necklines and details are applied individually by hand. With wear, some crystals can come off. When dry cleaning, your garments are delicate and must be cleaned in the appropriate solvent. We recommend that you use spot dry cleaning. 

General Advice

Don’t wash the items if you don’t have to. Too much washing is not only bad for the environment but also for the clothes. In a lot of cases you only need to air them out and brush them off.
If necessary, use stain remover rather then washing the whole item.

We recommend that you wash the item in low temperature to care about the environment and your clothes.

Don’t use excessive amount of laundry detergent, it won’t give better result, the opposite, the detergent can stay in the clothes and cause irritation on your skin.

Let your items self dry, don’t use a dryer or a dryer cabinet, not only does it consume lots of energy but it also damages and ages the clothes.